One of the most universal and effective methods of communication is making facial expressions – smiling when we’re happy, frowning when we’re sad, scowling when we’re upset, and so much more. Expressing our emotions on our faces enhances the message we wish to convey (like when you make an angry face at your pet after they make a mess) and so has become an integral part of communication, but not without certain costs. The more expressive we are the more our facial muscles contract, and therefore the more visible facial wrinkles that make us look angry or tired become. Luckily, these lines and wrinkles can be corrected with Dysport®, a neuromodulator medication comparable to Botox® Cosmetic, without affecting our natural ability to be expressive.

At Lavande Spa, we pride ourselves on be able to help you achieve your desired look in order to visually expose the you that’s within.


Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA) is a medication containing botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein produced by the clostridium botulinum bacterium, as its main and active ingredient. This neurotoxin is an alternative product to Botox® and Xeomin®, and serves as an effective and safe neuromodulator similarly to the other two. It is called a neuromod because it effectually modifies the transmission of nerve impulses of treated muscles in order to relax them. Dysport® promotes the notion of fighting and minimizing facial lines, not expressions, in order to look beautiful and natural.


Essentially Dysport® smooths away facial wrinkles by helping facial muscles break the habit of contracting, thereby stopping the occurrence of dynamic lines and wrinkles that show themselves when you’re expressive. Unfortunately, Dysport® will not be useful against static wrinkles because it is not made to fill in these facial lines, but it will prevent the lines from becoming deeper and more pronounced and is a necessary first step to treating static lines. This medication is injected directly into targeted muscles that cause facial wrinkles and administered in multiple small doses via fine needles with finesse under the hand of our experienced providers. Once this specific muscle activity has been reduced, you will be closer to achieving that flawless and silky skin you were aiming for.


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved Dysport® for cosmetic usage in April 2009 to treat moderate to severe frown lines temporarily. This product had been popularized and marketed in Europe since the 1990’s as Azzalure® prior to being brought to the US, and had originally been introduced as “Reloxin” before settling under the well-known Dysport® branding. To this day, this product is being marketed in Europe and the US under 2 different names, but by the same company.


Practically anyone is capable of getting Dysport® treatments, which is why we here at Lavande Spa encourage you to come in for a consultation today to see how you may benefit from Dysport®. Your identity in the world deserves to be as radiant as you are on the inside.

With no upper age limit, clients as young as 18 years of age are eligible to come in and try to take advantage of the smoothing power of Dysport®. It is a common assumption that younger people don’t need neuromod treatments because their skin has yet to go through the intense process of aging; however, even younger clients may benefit from Dysport®, especially if they are expressive when they communicate or want to prevent facial wrinkles from forming in the first place. Treatment for the purpose of prevention would ensure flawless skin for the duration of the aging process, and end up being more cost effective in the long run. Dysport® treatment is an excellent treatment for men and women alike, it does not gender discriminate.

That being said, there are a few reasons clients might not be considered good candidates for Dysport® treatment. Treatment is contraindicated for women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, clients with neuromuscular diseases, clients with a present illness (even as benign as a cold), clients with infection in the injection sites, clients taking certain medications, clients that plan on getting a facial in the near future, etc. It is important to discuss your health history with our providers to ensure Dysport® is the appropriate treatment for you.

Dysport® can be injected in many areas beyond the originally approved glabellar lines. It can be injected in

  • Forehead (standard, above the brows)
  • Glabellar (between the eyebrows, frown lines)
  • Lateral eye (crows feet, sides of eyes)
  • Bunny lines (upper/sides of nose lines)
  • Upper lip (to help gummy smiles, lip flip, smooth vertical lips lines)
  • Nose (slight lift in tip of nose)
  • Chin (smooth chin wrinkles)
  • Platysmal bands (lines on the neck)
  • Jaw (helps with TMJ, can slim face)
  • Palms (for sweating)
  • Underarms (for sweating)


Waiting for Dysport® results requires patience, but it’s worth it. In clinical trials, a majority of participants saw initials results beginning about 2-3 days after treatment. However, clients will have to wait until about 10-14 days post treatment to enjoy final results or make an appointment to return for a touchup if needed. Results will vary, so clients may experience earlier or later onsets depending on unique factors pertaining to the biology of their bodies. Improvement may continue to persist for up to a month following treatment.


The efficacy of Dysport® was determined to last up to 4 months in clinical trials. Most clients enjoy a noticeable difference for about 2-4 months but it could last for shorter or longer periods of time depending on unique factors pertaining to the individual, such as their metabolism and levels of activity (the faster the metabolism or the more active the individual, the faster the material wears off). Results will vary, so it is important to have realistic expectations of what Dysport® can do for you.

In order to extend longevity of your treatment, it is important to establish a regular treatment regimen. Regular treatments will cause the muscles to atrophy and weaken over time, thereby requiring less material to treat and lasting longer in general.


Here at Lavande Spa, we will book a 30 minute appointment for clients to get their Dysport® injections. The actual process of injection will only take about 10-15 minutes or quicker; it is quick enough to be called a “lunchtime” procedure, clients can stroll in and out without significant impact on their day. However, we feel it is necessary to dedicate more time to our clients to ensure there is ample time for complete and detailed assessment and answering of any questions.


Dysport® is measured in units, and the number of units a given client will need is dependent on a multitude of unique factors specific to each individual. Therefore, each client will need to come in to see one of our professional providers so that they may analyze and assess your facial anatomical musculature and recommend a tailored treatment plan that is right for you. Some things they consider when making recommendations include the strength of your muscles (the stronger the muscle, the more units will be needed to relax it), your aesthetic goals (do you want to look natural? frozen?), and others. As a reference, the average number of units that may be injected at a time is between 60-150 units, but it could be more or less depending on client needs. Further, the ratio of Dysport® units as compared to Botox® and Xeomin® is 3:1, so clients should expect to get 3 times the units with Dysport® (with relatively similar cost).

It is important to regularly get Dysport® treatment and follow a specialized injection plan in order to get the most out of results. The more treatments you get, the more your muscles will atrophy and weaken over time, and the less Dysport® will need to be injected in future appointments. It is also important to have realistic expectations for results.


The Dysport® brand prides itself on being able to provide natural-looking results that preserve your ability to be expressive; it can also, however, inhibit your muscle mobility to a higher degree if you wish. It is a myth that anyone who gets neuromod treatments will decidedly end up frozen and wholly unable to move facial muscles. Treatment can be administered in varying degrees on the natural to frozen scale, and it is up to clients to decide which direction they want their treatment to go. Injection is highly dependent on provider technique, and our skilled and experienced RNs will be able to give you a natural look that will allow reduced facial expression, or the more frozen look that does not allow even the slightest bit of movement. You are the one that controls your look, not the other way around. At Lavande, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal beauty goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discomfort, if any, will generally be slight and brief. No clients have ever reported pain per-say from treatment; most people say that the penetration of the fine needle at the injection site feels like a slight pinch, and they can feel the material being injected but not uncomfortably so. Because Dysport® injection is not expected to be associated with pain our providers will not provide any topical anesthetic, but they will provide a cold pack prior to injection in order to get slight numbing from the cold. For clients that are worried about injection pain, they are more than welcome to apply numbing cream at home or come in earlier to purchase some.

The only preparation that is recommended before Dysport® is to discontinue taking bloodthinners or anti-inflammatory medications (this includes alcoholic drinks, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aspirin, Flax Seed Oil, etc.) about 24-48 hours before treatment. This will reduce the risk of swelling, bruising, or bleeding from injection. Also, to avoid the risk of fainting, please do not come in for treatment with an empty stomach; at least have a snack beforehand.

There is little to no recovery time post injection, so clients will be able to resume daily activities immediately following Dysport® treatment. There might be slight protrusions and redness at the injection sites, but these usually subside either immediately after treatment, or up to 30 minutes afterwards. It is recommended to do facial exercises after treatment so the medication can flow in the muscles more quickly.

While there is no downtime, clients need to be aware of certain limitations after getting Dysport®. Clients should stay upright for about 4 hours after treatment to avoid having the Dysport® migrate to neighboring muscles; they should also avoid exercise and strenuous physical activity for 24 hours after treatment to avoid having Dysport® wear off prematurely. Further, clients should not get facial treatments or massages for up to 10-14 days, or until injections settle.

Simply, the answer is yes, yes, and yes – it is highly recommended to be stubborn about getting Dysport® about every 3 months or so. There are a few reasons for this. (1) If you discontinue getting treatment or only get it once, your lines/wrinkles will revert back to the way they originally looked. (2) If the lines/wrinkles revert back to their natural look, that means your repetitive facial muscle contractions will cause these lines/wrinkles to worsen over time (essentially making your muscles stronger along with deepening the lines). (3) If your muscles get stronger, the next time you return for Dysport® you will probably need more units than you got the previous time in order to relax these newly strengthened muscles (which is more expensive for you). (4) If your muscles are strong and unacquainted with the material, the Dysport® will probably not last as long as it would have otherwise.

Our knowledgeable providers here at Lavande Spa can sit down with you and create a regimen that is right for you in order to make sure you achieve and maintain that flawless skin you’re looking for. After repeated treatments, treated muscles will eventually atrophy and become weaker, which will allow you to inject less units for a longer period of time while maintaining your skin.

Dysport® is manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical conglomerate Galderma, and is the only one if its kind. However, there are many botulinum toxin products out there and it may be difficult to differentiate if what you are getting is authentic Dysport® or not. Any business that is selling the true product can be found in the Galderma provider directory online and more likely than not will be participating in Galderma’s Aspire rewards program. Lavande Spa will both be found in the directory, and is a part of Aspire.

Lavande Spa also offers alternative botulinum toxin products to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, Botox® and Xeomin®. We encourage clients to familiarize themselves with all these products in order to make an informed decision about which product is best for them. All 3 products are made from the same key ingredient, the botulinum toxin, all 3 are proven safe and effective, all 3 last about the same amount of time, and all 3 will be similar in terms of cost.

It is not uncommon to experience side effects following Dysport® treatment, but most people will not experience any. Normal side effects include discomfort at injection sites, soreness, mild bruising, redness, swelling, inflammation, headache, neck pain, tiredness, dry mouth, dry eyes, droopy eyelids/eyebrows, blurred vision, and others. You are welcome to take a mild painkiller in the case of any aide effects. Please contact us here at Lavande Spa if you have any concerns about side effects.