Laser Titan Skin Tightening



Titan is a preeminent laser technology that can combat signs of aging through deep dermal heating that is sustained and effective. It is a safe, comfortable and non-surgical laser procedure to treat sagging skin that lacks elasticity, deeply wrinkled skin, and stretch marks by stimulating long-term collagen and elastin growth deeply beneath the skins surface. Titan uses an infrared light source to tighten skin and reverse signs of aging on all parts of the body, however it is commonly used to rejuvenate the face, neck and jaw. Titan gives you a natural option to actively turn back the clock on aging skin and it is an ideal solution for enhancing your appearance to be youthful and healthy without surgery, recovery time, or injections. This procedure requires multiple sessions unlike some of the other alternatives which only require a single session. Nonetheless, the procedure is simple and requires little to no downtime following treatment.


Laser Titan is performed with a special handpiece from the Cutera Xeo laser machine. Titan utilizes a safe, infrared light based laser to heat and stimulate collagen and elastin growth at a deep level of the dermis, a level that has influence on sagging and elasticity. One can expect tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin from treatment. As the tightening technique includes deep dermal heating, clients will absolutely have a heated and warm feeling on their skin; however, the skin will continuously be cooled by the Titan handpiece, making the experience more tolerable and safer for the skins surface. Once collagen and elastin begins to be produced at the deep level of the dermis, loose skin will tighten, wrinkles will smoothen, and complexion will glow with youth.


Laser Titan is an exceptional treatment for those looking to tighten their skin and refresh their look without the hassle of surgery, injections, or other invasive procedures. Titan is non-surgical, non-invasive, has no recovery downtime, and is quite tolerable in terms of pain. Beauty has never been so easy!

Laser Titan is a very safe and FDA-approved tissue heating technique that results in a natural rejuvenation that is achieved from your body’s own collagen production. The best part of all is that results continue to improve over time as the body works to produce more and more collagen and elastin in treated areas.


Anybody and everybody is welcome to get Titan treatment to improve their skin no matter their age or skin type. Although, most commonly clients with fine lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, brown spots, redness, and other such ailments are patrons for treatment. However, treatment is an option for correction of these conditions as well as prevention of these conditions, meaning that clients without these ailments are welcome to get treatment.


It is comforting to know what to expect with a treatment that includes an intense and deeply penetrating laser, so we have detailed pre- and post- treatment instructions below so our clients can come into their appointments confident and ready.

It is highly recommended to consult with one of our aesthetic professionals here at Lavande prior to booking your Laser Titan appointment to determine the best course of action for your aesthetic needs, determine what treatment is best for your skin type, and to prepare you for your what is to come. We here at Lavande want to make sure you are a candidate for this treatment as well as confident about your decision to proceed.

In preparation, we may ask that you abstain from taking or applying any harsh medications (such as Accutane or Retinol), so as to avoid the occurrence of poor healing, pigmentation, or scarring from laser treatment. We may also ask that you abstain from taking bloodthinners or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as alcoholic drinks, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and others) to lower the risk of post-procedure bleeding. We will also ask that you refrain from getting direct sun exposure for about a week prior to treatment.

During treatment, our provider will begin by determining the most strategic treatment plan that will adhere to your aesthetic goals and needs. Both you and the treatment provider should be equipped with the appropriate eye-wear before proceeding. Next, our provider will apply gel to the skin, to act as a buffer between the laser handpiece and your skin, as well as to act as a sliding agent for the handpiece. Finally, the practitioner will begin begin to gently glide the Titan laser handpiece over targeted treatment areas, stopping to occasionally allow your skin to take a break from the heat of the laser and light. Treatment should take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the area being treated.
Thankfully, Laser Titan has little to no downtime in terms of recovery. Most people can resume daily activities following treatment, although you will need to take the proper skincare precautions until your skin is no longer sensitive as a result of laser treatment. You should refrain from direct sun exposure to treated areas for about 2 weeks, and diligently apply a strong SPF. Immediately following treatment there may be some slight redness and mild swelling that will fade within hours. Overtime clients should notice that skin is tightening.


While clients will be able to immediately see a vibrant glow to their skin following treatment, it will take  about 4 weeks for results to being to reveal themselves, and results will continue to improve long after, for up to 6 or so months. Collagen and elastin production is a prolonged and gradual process that will take weeks, even months, to become noticeable. Following treatments may be booked about 4-6 weeks out.


Clients can enjoy consistent improvement of skin ailments for months after treatment. It should be noted, however, that treatment of targeted ailments are permanent, but the skin is constantly being exposed to the same conditions that it was prior, so the process of damaging and aging continues. At any rate, multiple sessions are recommended for purposes of maintenance and upholding your enhanced beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Laser Titan is a generally safe and comfortable treatment - clients report very little discomfort if any from this treatment. Clients will feel coolness at first, and then a brief heating sensation, following by another cool feeling with every zap of the laser. The cooling handpiece makes it a very tolerable experience.

Preparation includes avoiding direct sun exposure for a week or 2 prior to treatment, abstaining from taking or applying harsh products (such as Accutane or Retinol), and avoiding bloodthinners. These precautions will ensure that the recovery process is smooth and devoid of unwelcome side effects.

Clients will be able to resume daily activities immediately following treatment, as there is little to no recovery. Treated areas will have slight redness and inflammation immediately after, but this usually subside within hours.

Clients should actively avoid direct sun exposure, and be sure to diligently apply a strong sunscreen at all times. Further, clients should not get facial treatments for up to 2 weeks, or until the treatment settle.

It is highly recommended to have multiple treatments to attain optimal results. While a single session will impart great results, most clients have not met their aesthetic goals with just a single session. A typical regimen begins with 3 treatments with cascading benefits, and maintenance touchups would be recommended every 6-12 months thereafter.

Our knowledgeable providers here at Lavande Spa can sit down with you and create a regimen that is right for you in order to make sure you achieve and maintain that flawless skin you're looking for.

Side effects may or may not be experienced followingTITAN treatment, but are not abnormal. Normal side effects include redness, inflammation, and lingering heat. Less common side effects include blistering, discoloration (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation), scarring, and infection. Please contact us here at Lavande Spa if you have any concerns about side effects.