Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing



Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser treatment that is able to improve and rejuvenate overall skin texture by stimulating collagen in mid-layers of the dermis. It is therefore able to target ailments such as large pores, scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, skin redness, skin composition, and even active acne. Genesis can bring youth to skin through the patented and scientifically-proven technique of induced collagen production, which is able to shrink pores, heal scarring/skin indentations (from any source – acne, scratches, etc.), smooth fine lines, diffuse redness, revitalize skin tone, and kill bacteria that causes acne. The result is reinvigorated skin texture that looks both healthier and more supple.


Laser Genesis uses a directly aimed, no-contact, non-ablative, broad-spectrum Nd:YAG laser to gently heat mid-layers of the dermis in order to stimulate collagen. The laser is held at a distance from the targeted area and quickly moved over it to slowly heat and heal the area. Collagen production is a gradual process that the skin will begin to undergo during treatment and continue to undergo for weeks to come. Results will be most visible about a month following treatment, and with continued treatments one can enjoy optimal superficial skin revitalization. Skin is treated from the surface and from within, in order to produce a glowing and polished outward look. Genesis is very safe, has no downtime, and can treat any and all skin types.


Laser Genesis is the perfect treatment for reinvigorating your overall skin texture on areas such as face, neck chest, hands, and more simply because of its function as a collagen stimulator. Collagen is a vital and plentiful protein in the body that provides structure and elasticity to many organs, including the skin. Unfortunately as time goes by and we age, the supply of collagen in the body decreases, and the skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. Treatments like Genesis can combat and replenish this loss of collagen to return youth to your looks. It can do this by tightening pores, regenerating skin cells in areas of scar tissue, smoothing fine lines, clearing redness, and much more. It is able to treat a wide variety of skin types with little risk.


It is comforting to know what to expect from treatment, so we have detailed pre- and post- treatment instructions below so our clients can come into their appointments confident and ready.

It is highly recommended to consult with one of our aesthetic professionals here at Lavande prior to booking your LAser Genesis appointment, where a personal evaluation synthesizing your medical history and aesthetic goals should be completed. This is to determine the best course of action for your aesthetic needs, determine what treatment is best for your skin type, and to prepare you for your what is to come. We here at Lavande want to make sure you are a candidate for this treatment as well as confident about your decision to proceed.

In preparation, we may ask that you abstain from taking or applying any harsh medications (such as Accutane or Retinol), so as to avoid the occurrence of poor healing, pigmentation, or scarring from laser treatment. We may also ask that you abstain from taking bloodthinners or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as alcoholic drinks, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and others) to lower the risk of post-procedure bleeding. We will also ask that you refrain from getting direct sun exposure for about a week prior to treatment.

The treatment area will be examined by our skilled and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment, and private “before” pictures will be taken for comparison purposes and kept in your profile. Once examined, the treatment area will be prepared by being cleaned with antiseptics. Topical numbing agents are unnecessary.

During treatment, our provider will begin by determining the most strategic treatment plan that will adhere to your aesthetic goals and needs. Both you and the treatment provider should be equipped with the appropriate eye-wear before proceeding. Next, our provider will begin to gently glide the Genesis laser handpiece over targeted treatment areas, stopping to occasionally allow your skin to take a break from the heat of the laser. Treatment will not be painful per say, but treated areas will feel quite warm and heated. The purpose of the treatment is to heat the dermis, and that heat will feel like a gentle warming on the surface of the skin. In total, the treatment should take about 15-30 minutes, but we will book the full half hour in order to assure that all client needs are met and all questions answered.
Recovery time following Laser Genesis treatment can be anywhere from a few hours to a day. There is generally no downtime and clients may resume daily activities following treatment, although you will need to take the proper skincare precautions. You should refrain from direct sun exposure to treated areas for about 2 weeks, and apply a strong SPF at all times, because your skin will be quite sensitive. Immediately following treatment there may be some slight redness and lingering heat in the skin that will fade within minutes to hours. A day or so after treatment the skin might feel like it has increased tightness as well as a mild tingling.


While clients will be able to immediately see a vibrant glow to their skin following treatment, it will take about 4 weeks for new skin and new collagen to grow in its stead. It is after the passage of this time that another treatment may be performed as well. As collagen production is a gradual process, Genesis treatment will also yield results gradually and subtly.


Studies have shown that clients enjoyed consistent textural improvement for up to 6 months after treatment. It should be noted, however, that the skin is constantly being exposed to similar conditions as prior to treatment, the natural process of aging is continuing, and the underlying cause of scar formation may still be persisting, thus while treatment results are permanent per say, they will only be visible until this process afflicts your skin again. Therefore, multiple sessions are recommended for purposes of accumulating benefits per treatment and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Laser Genesis treatment is virtually painless, though there will be a warm feeling on the skin due to the heat of the laser. Therefore, topical anesthetic is not necessary. The warmth of every pulse will b felt, but not uncomfortably.

Preparation includes avoiding direct sun exposure for a week or 2 prior to treatment, abstaining from taking or applying harsh products (such as Accutane or Retinol), and avoiding bloodthinners. These precautions will ensure that the recovery process is smooth and devoid of unwelcome side effects such as bleeding, discoloration, or scarring.

Genesis is a quick and easy treatment that has little to no downtime for recovery. There might be slight redness immediately after, but this usually subsides within 30 minutes to an hour; otherwise, skin should look glowy. Clients can resume normal everyday activity immediately following treatment.

Clients should actively avoid direct sun exposure, and be sure to apply a strong sunscreen at all times to avoid side effects due to the increase sensitivity of the skin.

It is highly recommended to have multiple treatments to attain optimal results. While a single session will impart great results, most clients have not met their aesthetic goals with just a single session. Genesis is a gradual healing technique that requires a series of treatments with maintenance touchups every so often to achieve optimum results.

Our knowledgeable providers here at Lavande Spa can sit down with you and create a regimen that is right for you in order to make sure you achieve and maintain that flawless skin you’re looking for. The ideal number of treatment sessions depends on the unique circumstances of your skin and your goals.

Side effects may or may not be experienced following Genesis treatment, but are not abnormal. Normal side effects include redness, slight swelling, inflammation, and lingering heat. Less common side effects include blistering, discoloration (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation), scarring, and infection. Please contact us here at Lavande Spa if you have any concerns about side effects.