What is “maskne”?

We are all trying our best to stay safe and respect the health of those around us by social distancing and sanitizing as much as possible, but one common safety measure we are observing may be taking a toll on our skin. Wearing a mask is required in many public places, and while it is putting a halt in the spread of disease, it is also fostering skin breakouts, skin irritation, and other dermal flares around the mouth and nose area – a phenomenon known as “maskne,” the most common type of which is formally known as acne mechanica.

Wearing masks for prolonged periods of time allows skin oils, bacteria, and sweat to join forces and do a number on your skin, and with the looming summer heat it is only bound to get worse. Another reason for the proliferation of maskne is that the rubbing of masks on your skin leads to a breakdown of your skins barrier, which would normally shield from outside elements, making it ripe for acne or irritation.

This coupled with the stress that is associated with navigating life through a pandemic is making skincare important for the health and wellness of your skin now more than ever.

What can I do to fight “maskne”?

A healthy skincare regimen that addresses maskne at its source, among other things, is the best way to fight this irksome skin ailment.

  • Maybe change the type of mask you’re wearing – softer materials such as silk will be less harsh on the skin, or materials that could be regularly washed like cotton will ensure your mask is devoid of oil, dirt, and sweat build-up.
  • Be sure to cleanse your skin regularly!
  • The use of toners, such as Lavande’s Dual Action Toner, can make a world of difference. OurĀ Dual Action Toner accommodates both AHA and BHA exfoliation via salicylic and glycolic acids which will both correct and prevent future maskne breakouts, as well as gently calm irritated skin. It will further balance skin Ph and make it more receptive to accepting moisturizers.
  • Moisturizing the skin is vital, because the moisture helps re-build your broken down skin barrier and hydration promotes healthy skin overall.
  • Understand that less is more – it is not necessary to congest your skin with a slurry of skincare products and makeup, especially when you’re going to put a mask over it anyways. A basic skincare routine will ensure that there are no additional or extraneous sources of irritation on the skin.

A combination of any number of these suggestions will help your skin sport a glow that will transcend this pandemic.

Health and wellness is essential in this trying time, especially for your skin!

Beyond polishing your skincare routine, there are many ways to naturally address maskne and stress-induced breakouts. A healthy lifestyle oriented around clean nutrition, self-care, and work-home balance will reflect beautifully on your skin as well. Practices such as regularly drinking water, opting for healthy options at mealtimes (avoiding fast food, junk food, etc.), getting a full nights rest (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason), managing stress (relaxation is truly beautiful), getting regular exercise, avoiding touching your skin, and other such habits are excellent ways to improve the appearance of your skin, but also promote mental and physical wellness.

Take care of yourself – your skin will thank you! Also, stay safe and healthy in this trying time.

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